Galvanized Steel and Sustainable Construction: Solutions for a Circular Economy

EGGA has launched a new publication – ‘Galvanized Steel and Sustainable Construction: Solutions for a Circular Economy’. A webinar to explain the purpose of the guide and some of its highlights was held on 9 April and has created strong interest in the contribution that galvanized steel can make to achieving the goals of circular construction – combining durability, robustness, reuse and recycling to ensure that steel structures can be designed for multiple life cycles without need for maintenance.

Many thanks to our hardworking committee members and colleagues in steel and zinc industry that made this publication possible.

As the EGGA President, Martin Kopf, explained when opening the webinar, this is only the beginning of a new initiative to bring this information to a wider audience, whilst also placing the highest priority at reducing our operational footprint.

The publication can be viewed or downloaded at



Find information and advice for users and potential users of hot dip galvanizing for the protection of steel available from your National Associations.