The Oeconomicum

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  • Photo credit: Ingenhoven Architects
  • Photo credit: Ingenhoven Architects
  • Photo credit: Ingenhoven Architects

The jewel in the crown

The Oeconomicum is the jewel in the crown of the Faculty of Economics of the Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf. It lies in an exposed part of the campus near the University Lake and was built with a generous donation from the Schwarz-Schütte Foundation. The project was designed, planned and implemented by Ingenhoven Architects.

The building was designed with perforated steel cladding made from panels of hot dip galvanized expanded steel – it marks the building’s special position on the university site, catching reflections from the water’s edge.

It was not just the cost advantages which led Ingenhoven Architects to use hot dip galvanized expanded metal. There were environmental considerations also.

If you look at the CO₂ balance in relation to manufacture and during the service life of zinc products, the low CO₂ emissions are striking for both structural zinc (zinc panels) and hot dip galvanized steel. Hot dip galvanized steel is a sustainable building material. The long term durability of the corrosion prevention, the complete recyclability and the reduction in energy expenditure are the reasons for the good ecobalance dataIngenhoven Architects



Find information and advice for users and potential users of hot dip galvanizing for the protection of steel available from your National Associations.