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C. H. Evensen Industriovner AS

Tomteveien 19
1618 Fredrikstad
Contact details
+47 69 94 91 00
+47 69 94 91 01

C. H. Evensen Industriovner AS is a Norwegian manufacturer and a global supplier of high quality equipment, for the Hot Dip Galvanizing Industry.

For nearly 80 years they have been providing innovative “state of the art” solutions to their customers on all continents. The product range covers most types of furnaces, and production lines. Immersion heating, Hot Air Dryers, Fume enclosures, Steel kettle furnaces with gas or electric heating, Ceramic lined top fired furnaces with gas or electric heating for high temperature.

CHE are specialists and have core competence within spin galvanizing, machines for automatic Galvanizing of threaded bolts/ pipes.

Together with partners, able to supply complete turnkey lines.

CHE has more than 4000 installations, in more than 60 countries, worldwide.



Find information and advice for users and potential users of hot dip galvanizing for the protection of steel available from your National Associations.