Sightseeing Tours

Monday 12 June

Tour 1: City Walking Tour

15.30 – 18.00

Follow our guide and let the city, where there is a secret to discover behind every single corner, enchant you. The city tour views Old Town Square providing a dazzling Panorama. Stand in the middle and turn in a slow circle: it’s as if all the most charming city streets of Europe were stretched around you. Every building is different in every detail – roof, windows, doors and colours. The Old Town Hall, begun in the 14th century, has developed in slow bounds, to match the municipality’s growth in size and importance. Neighbouring houses were incorporated and modifications continued to be made until the 19th century. The most obvious highlight of the Old Town Hall is its 15th century Astronomical Clock. Every hour on the hour, clockwork figures on the tower’s facade enact a timely story.

Our guide will take you to the Old Town Square and to the Charles Bridge from which Prague Castle can be seen.

Price: €10 per person


Tuesday 13 June

Tour 2: Prague Castle and Wine Tasting

10.00 – 16.00

Prague Castle is a must-see. Prince Borivoj built this spectacular castle to be the seat of his Premyslid dynasty in the late 9th century. It later became residence to Czech kings, Roman  emperors and today, the President of the Czech Republic. The castle complex is made up of several palaces and church buildings of various gorgeous architectural styles.

A defining part of the Prague Castle is the majestic Cathedral of St. Vitus. Also in the castle complex is the smallest street in Prague called the Golden Lane. This quaint lane is lined with small picturesque houses that look rather like doll’s houses.

After the tour in the Prague Castle there will be wine tasting sessions in the Monarch Gastrobar cellars. The sessions are taken by a certified sommelier and a light lunch will be served during the tasting of Czech wines.

 Price: included in fee for accompanying person


Wednesday 14 June

Tour 3: Karlštejn Castle

09.30 – 14.30

We lead you along the rivers Vltava and Berounka to the most impressive Bohemian gothic castle of Karlštejn. Situated on a dominating rock, surrounded by deep forests – we will walk from the parking place about 20 min to reach the Royal Palace.

The Karlštejn Castle was founded in 1348 by a Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV in the high gothic style. It was not intended to be an emperor’s residency but, first of all, a fortress for keeping imperial crown jewels and holy relicts. During Husit wars, Czech crown jewels and the most important papers of the Czech kingdom were kept here, which were guarded almost 200 years. The castle got its present appearance during rebuilding in the 19th century.

After the guided castle visit there will be lunch in the Restaurant Eliška which is situated in Karlštejn town and offers beautiful view on the castle.

Price: €85 per person



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