Conference Programme

  • The Galvanizing Business in Czech Republic and Slovakia and ACSZ Activities.
    Michal Lesay and Petr Strzyž, Asociace českých a slovenských zinkoven, z.s./ Czech and Slovak Galvanizers Association
  • Improving the prospects for Europe’s rail sector and its suppliers
    Jean-Philippe Peuziat, UNIFE – the European Rail Industry
  • European standards, research and regulatory developments – the new things that every galvanizer needs to know!
    Murray Cook, EGGA
  • Launch of a new graphic symbol for promotion of batch galvanizing to ISO 1461
    Holger Glinde, Industrieverband Feuerverzinken (Germany) and Chair, EGGA Marketing Committee
  • An innovative marketing strategy for hot dip galvanizing
    Bruno Dursin, Zink Info Benelux (Benelux)
  • ISO Corrosion Standards and the ICP Materials Exposure Programme
    Ing. Kateřina Kreislová, Ph.D, SVÚOM s.r.o., Czech Republic
  • A new CEN standard for galvanized rebar
    Speaker to be confirmed
  • An advanced design finite element model for galvanizing of high strength steels
    prof. Ing. František Wald, ČVUT Prague (Czech Republic)
  • A new tool for compliance with local regulatory requirements on zinc levels in surface waters
    Speaker to be confirmed
  • Positioning zinc as a sustainable building material in the Netherlands
    Drs Jules Wilhelmus, Duurzaambouwmetaal (Netherlands)
  • Recovery of pickling acid solutions by membrane technology: The EU REWACEM Project
    Werner Warmuth, PSE AG (Germany) and Lello Pernice, AIZ (Italy)
  • New possibilities for zinc dross recycling
    Jarmila Trpčevská, Technical University of Kosice (Slovak Republic)
  • Towards corrosion resistant zinc-based coatings through alloying and microstructure optimisation
    Tomas Prošek, Czech Association of Corrosion Engineers / Technopark Kralupy of the University of Chemistry and Technology
  • Inspection of galvanised structures and adhesion testing
    Hana Geiplova, SVÚOM s.r.o., Czech Republic
Panel discussions at Assembly 2017

(with short presentations)

Can fire resistance of batch galvanized steel be a market advantage for steel structures?
Competing with continuously coated steels – the facts



Find information and advice for users and potential users of hot dip galvanizing for the protection of steel available from your National Associations.